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About me

Hello! My name is Radovan Lozej and I'm a freelance web developer / programmer from Slovenia. Web and technology are not only my work but also a passion. I develop web pages and interfaces that make applications easier. I will be glad if I can do something for you. I can help you to become more visible, more efficient and effective. More about me and my work

Latest work

https://www.devscore.co/ http://www.megabon.eu/ http://xplode.iddiction.com http://www.13brat.net


wmon - web server monitor

wmon or web monitor for Linux servers is tool I made about 3 years ago. The idea was to get a better picture of web server load. That's how it looked back in 2008. A few lines of PHP and bash commands and chart made with GD library. Turned out to be quite useful. I gave it also to some friends a ... more

pyGtranslator 0.6

I've just updated pyGtranslator. Looks like google online translator changed few things, thats why pyGtranslator wasn't working anymore. It's using a google api now. Hope we will not exceed 100,000 characters/day limit :) 

I've build just 64 deb, because i don't h ... more

nkbm bank@net prijava si ne zapomni gesla

Pred kratkim je NKBM prenovila spetno banko in od takrat si prijava ne zapomni več logina. Sigurno je bolj varno vsakič vpisat geslo, a če uporabljaš računalnik samo ti, pride prav če lahko ta korak preskočiš. Žal je nova verzija to onemogočila. Login forma ima sedaj autocomplete=off in zraven t ... more